Jewelry care

We advise you to look after your jewelry for it to keep its original appearance for longer. This is how you do it:

Do not wear jewelry while doing any household work, during sports sessions, in a sauna or swimming pool, on a beach and while taking a bath. Do not wear rings when gripping items with force, such a bicycle handlebars or weights, as the pressure may cause delicate metal rings to bend or break. Do not bend and pull chains, bangles or rings. Also, make sure you protect your jewelry from direct contact with perfumes, make-up, hair spray, hair dye, oils, creams, various cleaning agents and chemicals.  It is best to store every piece in a separate jewelry box. Do not leave it for extended periods of time in damp environments such as bathroom. Try to avoid hitting any of the pieces made of precious metals against hard surfaces as they might get deformed and cause injuries. We advise using a special jewelry cleaning cloth or a soft cotton cloth to occasionally polish your jewelry. This will help maintain its original look. The jewelry that is worn daily might darken, oxidise, get scratched and plated details might wear off. We recommend to renew the finish and detailing when the pieces start losing its intended look.

Gold plated sterling silver

Gold plating is the covering of surface with a thin layer of yellow gold. Due to the nature of the technology the gold tends to thin out reasonably quickly and gets scratched rather easily. In order to restore the shine of the plating it is recommended to renew.

Oxidized sterling silver

During the oxidation silver becomes matte dark. This is a short-term effect that gradually wears off making the jewelry appear antique. The finish can be re-blackened easily with silver oxidation solution, available at most jewelry suppliers.

Brushed finish

Brushed sterling silver is opaque. Over time the texture gets polished naturally and becomes increasingly glossier.

Polished surface

The surface of polished metal is glossy. If looked after the changes to the texture should only be minor.